Building treehouses for you. TreeHouseCommunity is a sub-unit of the international township of Auroville, dedicated to research in human unity. We engage in sustainable social change through promotion of ecological housing. TreeHouse Community has travelled to countries worldwide building treehouses tailored to their climate and area. With our ongoing 500 TreeHouse Project, we plan to build treehouses which aim at opening people‚Äôs eyes to a lifestyle encouraging a dynamic and interactive relationship with nature. 

Our Treehouses

We build sustainable houses and safe structures in living trees for accommodation, leisure and adventure. Ecologically sound principles govern our work. We choose and identify appropriate trees to build on, followed by structural planning and design of the treehouse. We work closely with our clients to create a space which caters to both the tree and its inhabitants. Our portfolio of treehouses worldwide is a testimony to our commitment and engineering mastery in sustainable construction with constant improvement.

We build a variety of treehouses ranging from simple decks and playgrounds, traditional South Indian tree huts, to complete luxurious and comfortable tree-residencies. Each treehouse is tailored to the tree, the climate, the landscape and the client.

We plan to build 500 treehouses around the world within the tallest canopies. The intention behind this project is to open people's eyes beyond the idea of treehouses as mystical places in fairytales to real living spaces in the trees. We hope to influence a positive change in consciousness through building treehouses and connecting people with nature.

We have built treehouses for a variety of clients worldwide, you are lucky enough to have the privilege of spending the night in a selected few. To take up this service please contact the resorts and guest houses directly. See more about location and details.

Our Services

Our services range from initial consultation, treehouse construction, tree surgery, and teaching to build treehouses to creating furniture inspired by nature for the treehouse life. 

- Treehouse Construction

- Treehouse Consultation and Design

- Tree Maintenance and Pruning

- Woodworking and Custom Designs

- Tree Climbing, Rigging and Working at Heights

- Treehouse Construction Workshops