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We build a variety of treehouses ranging from simple decks and playgrounds, traditional South Indian tree huts, to complete luxurious and comfortable tree-residencies. Each treehouse is tailored to the tree, the climate, the landscape and the client. The Treehouse Library shares portfolios of chosen treehouses and wooden structures we have built according to the type of structure, showcasing the project number and name, the tree, the team, the design, and structural details of the project. 

We plan to build 500 treehouses around the world within the tallest canopies. The intention behind this project is to open people's eyes beyond the idea of treehouses as mystical places in fairytales to real living spaces in the trees. We hope to influence a positive change in consciousness through building treehouses and connecting people with nature.

We have built treehouses for a variety of clients worldwide, you are lucky enough to have the privilege of spending the night in a selected few. To take up this service please contact the resorts and guest houses directly. See more about location and details.