Our Services

Treehouse Construction

We build complete and comprehensive solutions for habitable treehouses from initial planning to painting. We provide all services for your treehouse dream to become reality including site visit with tree assessment and extraction of architectural details for planning.

Our priority lies in building a 'real' treehouse that is entirely supported by a living healthy tree. Hence, adopting a sustainable attitude and willingness to make an appropriate plan according to the available options provided by the optional tree(s).

Alternatively, when appropriate trees are unavailable to carry a treehouse, we may consider using the trees or palms and the available landscape to make a sustainable bio-construction dwelling or home i.e. a stilt supported treehouse.

Treehouse Consulting

We offer a site visit and support for treehouse building.

① Planning a project: tree climbing and structural recording, site specific details and visions, and vision sharing towards strategic plans.

② Remote support for certified treehouse builders: we can offer assistance in appropriate design and technology transfer for treehouse builders globally; and specialist assistance for treehouse constructions

Working at heights

Tree surgery

Health and risk assessment for trees. 

Securing and safeguarding trees around infrastructure.

Tree pruning

Safeguarding trees from storm damage.

Reducing or removing trees at risk.

Regular maintenance for precious trees.

Climbing, rigging and working at heights

We are a team of IRATA Certified climbers, trained and experienced arborist climbers and tree surgeons.

Woodworking and custom designs

High places must be accessed: we offer indoor and outdoor access solutions to elevations such as comfortable staircases, ramps, or special features.

Tree-friendly furniture to suit every home and garden. We use natural shapes and unique wooden roots, branches and trunk slabs from fallen trees.

Household accessories can be wooden rather than plastic. We reuse wooden pieces and offcuts from treehouse builds to create unique everyday 'things' out of wood.

Furniture from fallen trees. Living and working in the forest brings us to find interesting and beautiful pieces of wood.

Upcycling and merchandise sales: visit the Stand4upcycling shop at the Auroville Visitor's Center, search for wooden household products on, or visit our showroom on Friday mornings in Abri, Auroville.

Treehouse construction workshops and learning experiences

Occasionally, we offer workshops to teach you how to build a treehouse.

• Traditional treehouse construction workshop: offers a basic understanding of the tree, the landscape, architectural design, and the treehouse.

• Specially designed workshops or treehouse experiences for groups (contact us with your specific learning requirements and availability).

• Level 1: a one month workshop going in depth to building a treehouse with basic amenities.

• Level 2: experienced treehouse builders and woodworkers become proficient treehouse builders to manage their own projects.

• Level 3: treehouse masters.