Where to find us

Our workshop space is in Auroville, India. It holds a woodworking workshop as well as model treehouses and a showroom with wooden produce.

Visiting only on Fridays between 9-12 am. It's always best to reach out beforehand.


Abri, Auroville 605 101, T.N., India


0091 96531 74571


Send us a message

Seriously looking to build a treehouse?

send us an email including information about the location, the site conditions (e.g. remote, accessibility, flat, slope, forest, freestanding tree, multiple trees for one house, water and electric availability), name and photos of the tree, diameter of trunk, your budget, and a description of your ideal treehouse (i.e. purpose and functions, amenities, special features).

General treehouse questions and support?

send us an email with your specific questions and we will do our best to get back to you. Please check out the information provided on our website first.